Kim Clayton
Kim Clayton

Steps to Home Ownership!

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The Buying Process- A Process of Elimination!
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The typical buying time frame is 45 days from the time that you find your home and the time that you will close on the new home.
Here are the basic steps in the buying process:
Loan Preapproval--- Determining how much home you can afford. Due to the new loan disclosure requirements, please allow 30-45 days!
Separate your needs from your wants. What are your priorities for your home? How important are community amenities, lot size, and schools? How many bedrooms and baths do you need? Do you need space for a home office?
Counseling on locations and important features in the new home
Consideration of areas and type of housing
MLS Search-- Personalized Client gateway for you to review available listings and make notes on likes and dislikes
Look at homes and areas
Select a more refined area and home features
Research price and comparables
Determine earnest money amount (Usually $1000 for every $100,000 of list price, and a show of good faith)
Write offer and negotiate terms and pricing
Mutually accepted offer = Pending Sale
Schedule and perform home inspection with licensed home inspector
Review inspection Report (focus on safety & habitability, NOT on cosmetic defects)
Arrange and collect estimates for repairs, if necessary
Write post-inspection addendum to request repairs, if necessary
Negotiate repairs with seller and mutually agree upon repairs
Request a Truth in lending statement (TIL) from your lender
Lender will order appraisal on new home
Lender will prepare commitment letter
Select insurer for homeowners policy, at least 2 weeks prior to closing
Schedule closing date and time
Arrange for utilities transfer about 1 week prior to closing (water, gas, electric, phone, cable, and trash)
Review home appraisal, atleast 3 days prior to closing
Review closing statement (HUD-1) for accuracy prior to closing
Rewalk home prior to closing
Coordinate closing costs funding (wired funds or cashier’s check)
Attend Closing
Collect keys, garage door openers, warranties and other documents
 Congratulations..... You are Home